Vietnam and My Little Note

Pic.1 Saigon river with developing city center as background

After arriving at Tan Son Nhat international airport, the panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh City is analogous to one of Indonesian’s city, in my opinion. While I am sitting in taxi on the way to our rented house, I see so many motor bikes pass through. They can even get on ride by three people in one motorcycle. It amazed me so much. Here, in Vietnam, it has only one license plate number at the back side of two wheel motorized vehicle. And old type of motorcycle such as Honda type c70 produced on 1970 still exists here as well.

Motorbike is the most favorite vehicle, so the number of motorbike is increasing every year. City bus takes important role as public transportation with inexpensive price for all communities. At noon, all Vietnamese people will protect their skin and face by wearing light jacket; mask for protecting face, gloves, and shocks. Some friends said that they are afraid of sun light at noon because it will make their skin look darker.

Two years working in Vietnam cannot explore all cities of Vietnam, because of few days’ national holidays. The longest holiday is Chinese New Year around last January or February with 2 weeks holiday, but it depends on the company we work for. You can travel around Vietnam with sleeping bus (for long distance), train, and either airplane which have reached to some celebrated cities for most wanted destination.

Vietnamese cuisine seems really healthful, because they do not use too much oil; they even do not really like a deep fried food. Boiled, steam, fry with little oil in high temperature are the common type of culinary procedure of Vietnamese cuisine. Lots of restaurant put lard (pork) to their culinary because it is believed that will make better taste. For Muslim, you would rather go to vegetarian restaurant or Muslim restaurant spread around city center with reasonable price.

Most of Vietnamese have breakfast with French style sandwich called ‘bánh mi’ and it is very well-known among employees. And the most favorite beverage is coffee milk and black coffee.

City center of Ho Chi Minh City is still called Sai Gon with lots of fork road like a labyrinth. In district 1 and district 3 you will see lots of old buildings but there are five most outstanding old building among tourist:  city hall, opera house, ben thanh market, cathedral, and post office. While the new city is still being developed in district 7 and district 2 with better environment for living.

Walking around city center at wide pedestrian and enjoying the juxtaposed building between old and new as tourist is the most impressed things for me. That kind of feeling won’t ever forget from my mind. Thanks Vietnam for unforgettable memories!

pic.1 was taken june 2011 from Thu Tiem bridge