Our Dream for Undaan Kulon Street Corridor


Ideas for One of the Spots in Undaan Kulon Street Corridor.

Well, this is only a brief description of urban conservation final project as a requirement to complete urban design study. Finally I was able to attend the class formally (not ‘sit in’ as I did before). Urban conservation class for me is a class with full of inspirations, ideas, and colorful pictures of case study (the most important to avoid sleepiness). Students were separated in several groups in conducting their own project related to urban areas with few, several, or lots of potential old buildings to be improved the quality visually and spatially. My partners in conducting project were Nur Adyla Suriadi (Dyla) and Ratiza Rizkian Azwartika (Tika). We chose jalan Undaan Kulon as proposed area study because of its strategic location in the city center along sungai Pegirikan (river). Besides the reason above, there were ten old buildings along the corridor that were vanishing gradually caused by unorganized infrastructure, parking lot, and street vendors. Those issues become main inquiry in establishing an urban conservation guideline.

On our first field observation, we had emotional feeling to the place. Our imaginary perspective appeared while experiencing the corridor. Friendly pedestrian way, groups of shade trees, outdoor cafeteria, museum and gallery together with groups of rental office are suddenly fulfill our imagination. One neglected building with wooden fencing became a landfill or rubbish dump. Nobody cared and understood its beauty and uniqueness. Even though you were passing by the street, you would never see this building because it was visually isolated. One of the ways to revive this corridor is by providing multifunction use which survives until midnight, such as: cafeteria and restaurant (considering that there are also lots of street vendor and culinary).

Picture shown above is our proposal for empty and neglected building described before. Outdoor café as relaxing place with cozy concept equipped with unique street light design is the most appropriate to be applied. Existing trees are maintained in order to create shade and transparency. Though this is only imaginary project, but we would like to have livable corridors that revitalize old buildings as part of the city. By sharing this ideas, we hope someday Undaan Kulon become one of livable waterfront corridors in Surabaya.