Trowulan Archaeological Site


Trowulan Archaeological Site

Title: Trowulan Archaeological Site Map

Description: Trowulan has been suggested it was the former Capital City of Majapahit Kingdom which stood from 13th to 16th century. The name of Majapahit came from the word ‘Maja’, local language of Aegle Marmelos. Maja is a kind of fruit which is considered to be sacred by Hindus. The glory of Majapahit Kingdom can be observed from the temples such as Candi Brahu, Candi Tikus, the ruin of Candi Gentong; Gate of Bajang Ratu, gate of Wringin Lawang; Sacred tombs, etc.

Place: Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia

Artist: Setyo Nugroho

Media: Watercolor, ballpoint on 200 x 400 mm Daler Rowney paper