My Memorable Landmark in Tainan


Memorable Landmark of Tainan

台南 (Tainan) literally read as the southern Taiwan. Tainan has been regarded as one of the oldest Cities in Taiwan with rich folk culture and snack food. Historically, Tainan was initially established by Dutch East India Company until Koxinga defeated them in 1661. Tainan was the capital city until 1887 when the new capital was moved to Taipei. Taiwan was handed over to Japan by the treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895, since then the new urban design and Europe-look like model building were introduced.

My visit to Tainan was stunning at the end of the day because I found some old buildings in adjacent location to be sketched. First object is the round structure of building called old meteorological station which was built in 1897, 2 years after Tainan was ceded to Japanese. Second object is National Museum of Taiwan Literature which is housed the former of Tainan City Hall built in 1916. Most of buildings in early 1900s period were influenced by French Second Empire Style and Neo-classic style as affected by most Japanese architects were trained by European architects. At that time, adopting European style was considered as the image of intellectual, cultured, and well-educated person. It was not only applied on the fashion and daily life style, but also architecture and town design. The Third object which is the former Army hospital built in 1916 which located in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). It is believed that the building was the highest ranking military hospital during Japanese colonial period. The last (rightmost side) is the Fire Brigade or former Tainan Joint Government office. It was built in 1930 with high influence of modern architecture style. The city government built the tower as fire observation post and it was the tallest tower at that time.

Those are my memorable landmark in Tainan, I should spend more days walking through the City, someday. 🙂