Sketch Map: Gresik Old Town

Gresik Old Town


Title: Sketch Map of Gresik Old Town

Decription: The word of Gresik is believed coming from the word “Giri-sche”. Giri (Sunan Giri) is considered to be one of Wali Sanga (The Nine Spreader of Islam) in 15th century. The port of Gresik had functioned as important commercial center since long ago, trading with merchants from China, Arab, and India. From 1890’s, the business of swift nest was booming and lots of indigenous merchants was also appearing. Second floor housing was built by local inhabitants as shown on picture as the expression of wealth and prosperity.

Place: Gresik, East Java, Indonesia

Artist: Setyo Nugroho

Media: 200×400 mm Daller Rowney Cold press 300g/m2