My Sketchbooks Collection

I started outdoor live sketching as routines in the end of 2012. At that time, the sketch that I made was totally plain with no shade and shadow, so the depth of drawing can’t be perceived. Plus, the duration that I need to do sketching was really take a long time and not effective either. But I did enjoy all the used times. The most important when we do sketching is the feeling of excitement and relaxation. Outdoor sketching can be your “me-time”. About the media, I always use watercolor since it is full of challenging. The colors produced are sometimes unexpected and it gives a visual effect and richness of color gradation.  Moreover watercolor is the basic of all coloring technique. If you can master the watercolor technique, it means that you will rule all coloring techniques. That’s why most of my works are watercolor sketches, yet I am still learning to use watercolor. Someday I will post about the very basic of watercolor technique, please remind me via comment ^^.

IMG_1198 - Copy

Outdoor sketching in Surabaya

My very first sketchbook was A6 size that I bought in TGA (Toko buku Gunung Agung). This book had visited Jogja, Rembang, Surabaya and even Kuala Lumpur. The size is small and physically easy to bring, you may watch the content of the book on the link below (I will make a better video next time^^). Next book was Maruman watercolor sketchbook with spiral, this time I got from my friends as a birthday gift completed with Koi watercolor (thank you so much dear fellas). I also used Muji notebook which is good for pen sketch (I bought in Taiwan). Started from 2014 I used Hkie watercolor sketchbook, the price is affordable. You may find about HKie here. The most favorite size of sketchbook is A4 landscape also A5 portrait. If you are travel sketcher, I recommend bringing A5 size paper because it is easy to keep on your travel bag.

Each sketch has stories and memories. So it is hard to say when someone asks me “which sketches you like the most?” the answer is “all sketches”. Believe it or not, sketch is also able to generate a conversation or social interaction between the sketcher and the people who is passing by to see the sketching process. The most often asked questions from them are “are you student? Which university? Are you doing your assignment from your lecturer?” but sometimes the questions are more than academic inquiries such as profession, jobs offering, workshop, or even place that they recommend to us, the sketcher. There is also a sketcher who love being isolated and only focuses on sketching. In other words, she/he doesn’t want to be interrupted. It depends on the person, you can follow the conversation or you may only answer shortly as a sign that you need more focus on sketching.


Sketchbooks collection

Until now I produce at least 9 sketchbooks from 4 countries (but only 7 books are completed with sketches, the others I lost my mood to continue or complete the page). I hope I can publish it into a book someday. On the picture above is the sample of my works. Most Up left is building in Tainan (2013), move to the right sketch on Hai Ba Trung street in Ho Chi Minh city (2015), Malang station (2016), A Church seen from the park of Surabaya city hall (2016), middle left Spazio (2016), old house in front of Porong station (2016), the red gate of the University of Tokyo (2016), Temple in Kenjeran Surabaya (2014), bottom left City park in Surabaya (2015) and the last bottom right is Tunjungan street (2016). Keep sketching!


Sketches from 2013 to 2016