My Sketchbooks Collection

I started outdoor live sketching as routines in the end of 2012. At that time, the sketch that I made was totally plain with no shade and shadow, so the depth of drawing… Continue reading

Summer Institute 2016 by Japan Foundation

Around April, a friend of mine informed me that there was a program called summer institute 2016 and held by Japan Foundation. The requirements was quite simple, all you had to do was… Continue reading

Sketch Map: Gresik Old Town

  Title: Sketch Map of Gresik Old Town Decription: The word of Gresik is believed coming from the word “Giri-sche”. Giri (Sunan Giri) is considered to be one of Wali Sanga (The Nine Spreader… Continue reading

My Memorable Landmark in Tainan

台南 (Tainan) literally read as the southern Taiwan. Tainan has been regarded as one of the oldest Cities in Taiwan with rich folk culture and snack food. Historically, Tainan was initially established by… Continue reading

Short Visit to Angkor Archaeological Park

I am sure many people do know what Angkor Wat is. Well, Angkor Wat is an integral part of Angkor Archaeological Park which is located in Siem Reap, the name of City in… Continue reading

Trowulan Archaeological Site

Title: Trowulan Archaeological Site Map Description: Trowulan has been suggested it was the former Capital City of Majapahit Kingdom which stood from 13th to 16th century. The name of Majapahit came from the… Continue reading

Our Dream for Undaan Kulon Street Corridor

Well, this is only a brief description of urban conservation final project as a requirement to complete urban design study. Finally I was able to attend the class formally (not ‘sit in’ as… Continue reading

Our Contribution to Urban Design: “URBAN!”

URBAN! is our contribution to share knowledge and experience of urban design in various field of concentration study. It is not seminar proceedings neither academic journals. Let’s say it is a magazine. Through… Continue reading

Year 2012: Collaborative Project with Kumamoto University

Every year has a different impression for everyone’s life, and especially for me. The experience in every year was started from 2005, when I got an opportunity as a volunteer to teach basic… Continue reading

Examining the Element of Townscape in Hue City

Hue city, located in the central Vietnam, was the imperial capital of Nguyen dynasty from 1802 to 1945. It is also one of the most wanted places in whole Vietnam because of its… Continue reading