Kumamoto University

Kumamoto University

I found this poor sketch on my notebook dated October 2012. This spot was my (and friends) favorite spot to have a lunch time. And… here was our vista almost everyday. The buildings, benches, atmosphere, and even the weather..I won’t forget anything.

Hakata Performance

Hakata Performance

Quick sketch. Traditional style performance with Hakata dialect. Do you wanna know what they are talking about in Hakata dialect? unfortunately, I just saw and sketched them.. 博多でもスケッチ!

Japanese House

Japanese House

The wall of former residence of the Lord of the Hosokawa Gyoubu Clan. Stone and Natural Wood played an important role in Japanese landscape. The most I loved is the gardening landscape here, it will relax your busy day. [ 旧細川刑部邸熊本城の近くにとってもきれいなお庭がある大きなお宅に行きました。あそこのランドスケープほどきれいなお庭はない。]


Taman Ekspresi Surabaya

While waiting for a friend at Taman Ekspresi Surabaya, I am making a sketch of this city park. [スラバヤ市のekspresi(エキスプレシ)公園で、友達をまちながら、スケッチします。]

Old house in kampung Peneleh

Kampung Peneleh in Surabaya has lots of old houses. There lined old houses with historical and artistic value. When you go around this kampung, it will give a deep impression and memory of place.   [ スラバヤ市のPenelehに並べている古い家は歴史と芸術的価値をもっています。この古い家を見学したとき、いつも胸に残っています。]

Old building in bubutan Surabaya

An old building located in jalan Bubutan Surabaya has unique architecture style especially for its dome as vocal-point. Now, the old building have altered to cullinary complex for gathering space.

House of Sampoerna Complex

Art deco style was popular by year 1920 in Surabaya. Here is the building influencing art deco style. the ornament and the lines is based on geometric shapes.

Cigarette roof-like building

Cigarette roof-like building is a landmark for its area which called old town. In bahasa Indonesia, we called it “Gedung Cerutu”. A landmark can be manifested in tower as prominence.